Sunday, 22 January 2012

self-initiated project aims

I had the idea that for my self-initiated project, I could come up with a brand for my own illustrations with the title "YY". I have found a graphic design company in New York using the name, but their style as a whole is a lot different to what I'd envisage myself producing, and the project is an exercise more than anything.

I want to produce designs for a range of objects that show how the brand "YY" could work as a platform for my illustration. The core aesthetic will have to be bright and attractive, as well as having something that sets it apart from other proponents of the general poppy, European design style. I think lasercutting in bright plastics could lead to some interesting outcomes, and I will aim to come up with an illustrative flavour that could apply to the broadest possible range of objects. A web presence and logo would also be desirable outcomes, with a sense of possible platforms for the brand if it were a 'real-life' company

self initiated project research 3: daniel johnston

Daniel Johnston is an artist I really like who applies his style to graphic objects as a staple aspect of his practise. Johnston's 'Jeremiah the Innocent' frog started as a mural in Texas, which became extremely popular, and helped Johnston achieve notoriety as a musician as well as an artist. Johnston has spent time in mental institutions and expresses very dark notions through his work, although the style still applies to objects as typical and posters, despite being so complex and weird. I think the slightly sinister undercurrent to his style is what makes it so appealing to me.

self-initiated project research 2: cool cats

Cool Cats, headed by So Me, is a French design firm long associated with Ed Banger records, one of the big names in French electro and dance. Cool Cats have a bold, youthful design aesthetic and produce high-quality, fashionable graphic items. So Me's "Infamous Cat Head" is the hallmark of the Cool Cats brand, although the Ed Banger djs often have bespoke designs that can differ from the core style.

self-initiated project research 1: rockwell

Parra is a Dutch designer who has applied his style to nearly every form of graphic object possible through his company, Rockwell Design. His approach is very colourful and striking, and because he has a consistent palette across his entire range of products, very recognisable. Parra has produced wallets, cigarette cases, t-shirts, towels, tables, porcelain sculptures, wooden sunglasses, duvet covers, and more. I think my aim for this project is to find a graphic approach that has a similar openness and scope.