Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Laser-cutting ideas:

This is a sketch which I feel could inform my laser-cutting project. I would hope to have two or three circular sections or layers that would glue together to make a circular graphic piece in this loose style. I think the layers of pattern will benefit from having a slight raised, semi-3D look. The outcome will probably be very reliant on how accurately I can replicate this level of detail in Adobe Illustrator, a program which I feel I have quite a basic level of compotency in.

I was assigned the infinity glyph. I felt quite fortunate in getting this character, as it has some symbolic meaning as well as a very iconic form. The symbol, to me, represents a certain concept that could be explored in a number of ways. The drawings I've made up to this point have a slight celestial or mystical feeling, which I would hope to convey with my end product. The content is quite rich, and I think my main aim for the brief is to come up with a response that feels personal and informed by my practise as an illustrator.


This drawing represents how I want my final product to look fairly closely. It has a lot of my style as an illustrator and should hopefully be relatively simple to split into three corresponding components. I want the middle circle, including the arms, to be the top layer of the work, with two additional layers of pattern underneath. My main issue is figuring out how to properly fill areas and whether the line thicknesses will be either too wide or too narrow for the machines to read. I think an alternative image construct in illustrator from the ground up would be very ambitious for the project, but I should hopefully be able to work out a way of vectorising my own drawings into something workable.

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