Sunday, 22 April 2012


I decided early on in the project to change my idea. I had originally intended to produce a range of objects in lasercut plastics as an exercise in self-promotion as a mock brand, under the name 'YY design.'

The idea I changed to was for a range of cereal toys. The fictional cereal would be called 'Battlepuffs,' and would allow me to find an outlet as an illustrator as well as apply problem-solving and design thinking to a laser-cutting brief. The first concept was that the toys would be entirely plastic and would slot together, but I thought that accurately producing inlayed pieces of plastic would have many limitations and be very difficult.

The final idea I went with was that the box of cereal would actually become the toy. The 'Battlepuffs' cereal would be 'sold' as an 8-pack of fun-size boxes rather than one large box, which meant that I wouldn't have to produce a structure with the integrity to support a mostly-full regular size box of cereal. The limb designs could be created in Ilustrator and would be slotted into the box after it was empty. Each box would come with a base and a set of limbs unique to the character design on the box.

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