Sunday, 22 April 2012


The first thing I worked on for my project were the characters I wanted to use for the box designs. It was important that they each had a unique silhouette and a simple form. The 'Battlepuffs' are a set of characters who live to fight each other, but I wanted the designs to be quirky and carry a strong sense of my aesthetic as an illustrator.

The characters I decided on were called Doolmaster Gamecat, Pondris Loris, Luchamallow, Forbes, Demon Puppet, the Zombie Shoe from 4002, Terror Byte and Deathmaster Doomcat. As the project is partially about a sense of nostalgia, I remember from childhood that it was important for everyone to have a different favourite character. I wanted to have as much variation as possible, so the potential for people having differing favourite characters was as high as possible.

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